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Are you an intermediate (B1+) student?


Join our exclusive conversational journey to Spanish fluency!


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Our sessions take place on Zoom!


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Have you ever...





felt frustrated by not being able to communicate or express yourself effectively in Spanish in everyday situations?

found it challenging to understand spoken Spanish when native speakers talk fast or have a different accent?

felt insecure or nervous about speaking Spanish in public, worried about making mistakes or not being understood?

Then this conversation club is perfect for you!







Things we talk about in our intermediate-advanced group:





We take great pleasure in sharing our perspectives with you, creating an enriching learning experience in every session. As a conversation club, we value the input and ideas of our participants, and we warmly welcome suggestions for discussion topics. We love learning from each and every one of you, making our sessions an inclusive and dynamic exchange of knowledge and experiences. This cycle will feature a captivating array of varied and fascinating topics, inspired by our diverse and engaged community. Here are some common topics that are frequently spoken about in conversation clubs:




October 4th and 5th

Global Travel: hunted destinations

October 11th and 12th

Healthy Lifestyle

October 18th and 19th

Future Plans

October 25th and 26th

Work and Careers


November 1st and 2nd

Family Traditions

November 8th and 9th

Social Issues and Advocacy

November 15th and 16th

Science and Innovation

November 22nd and 23rd

Books and Literature

November 29th and 30th

Cuisine and Gastronomy


December 7th and 8th

Famous Landmarks

December 14th and 15th

Art: Botero

December 21st and 22nd








Schedules and Price





We understand that everyone's schedule is unique, so we have designed two convenient options for you to embark on your Spanish conversational journey. 🗺️🌎 Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, we've got you covered! 🦉🌅

Grupo Intermedio 1


11 AM Colombia time 🇨🇴 (12 PM New York time | 6 PM Berlin time)

Grupo Intermedio 2


5:30 PM Colombia time 🇨🇴 (6:30 PM New York time | 12:30 AM Berlin time)



💎💵 For only $12, you'll gain access to one dynamic and engaging session, carefully designed to enhance your speaking skills and cultural understanding 💵💎 Our package x 6 is priced at $66





What out students say about us... 





I’ve been studying Spanish with Laura for 2 years. Laura helped me to overcome the speaking block (fear of speaking) in Spanish which I thought would be really hard if not impossible. Her classes are always really vivid with interesting dives in Spanish / Colombian culture. Laura’s proficiency, attentiveness, positive attitude and cheerful personality make me look forward to each class. I began to occasionally think in Spanish and my mental translations from English (which is not my mother language) to Spanish are constantly improving. I would highly recommend Laura to everyone who wants to start learning or improve their Spanish.


- Igor -


Laura is a fantastic teacher! She is very easy to talk with, very positive, and very supportive. She is great at helping learners through both casual conversational practice as well as providing good instruction on grammar points, ver conjugation, irregular verbs, and more. She provides fun, easy to use materials that really help emphasize the lessons outside of class. Her attitude is always positive and her aim is to help, never criticize. I highly recommend Laura as your Spanish teacher.


- Ian -


I look forward to Laura's Smart Spanish classes every week. I've been attending them for over a year now and I couldn't be happier with them. The classes are fun and interactive and Laura is an incredible teacher. She makes you feel very comfortable and will definitely help you improve your Spanish. I highly recommend them and I hope to see you joining them soon! Nos vemos pronto!


- Chris -


Laura is a great Spanish teacher . Very helpful for people who are on the life journey to learn the Spanish language. She creates a great learning environment where you can improve your knowledge without being stressed. Love her zoom classes.


- Polina -


Love this class! Laura makes learning Spanish fun and exciting!  She makes it easy to learn!  I would highly recommend Smart Spanish class!


- Karen -






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