Get ready for an experience that goes beyond language, immersing you in the vibrant culture and landscapes of Colombia

Our upcoming cultural immersion week will take place from February 25th to March 3rd, 2024, in the Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia (Quindío Department).

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Join us from February 25th to March 3rd, 2024, for an unforgettable week in Colombia's Coffee Cultural Landscape! Enhance your Spanish skills surrounded by lush coffee plantations, immerse yourself in local culture, and create lasting memories in this unique and inspiring destination. Don't miss the chance to make language learning an incredible adventure!


Register before February 6th 2024, at 11 pm Colombia time.

What is a cultural immersion trip?

A language immersion trip is an educational and cultural experience where individuals immerse themselves in an environment where the target language is spoken, with the goal of improving their language proficiency. This type of trip is particularly effective for language learning because it provides a real-life context for using the language, offering constant exposure to native speakers and authentic situations.

During a language immersion trip, participants typically engage in various activities such as classes, cultural excursions, and interactions with locals, all conducted in the target language. This helps learners practice their language skills in practical, day-to-day scenarios, reinforcing vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.

The immersion experience extends beyond formal language instruction, as participants are encouraged to communicate in the target language in everyday situations—whether it's ordering food, navigating public transportation, or engaging in social interactions. The goal is to create a supportive and authentic language-learning environment that accelerates language acquisition and builds cultural understanding.

Benefits of this cultural immersion trip to Colombia 

Language Proficiency Enhancement

Immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking environment, accelerating your language skills through real-life interactions, classes, and daily activities.

Cultural Enrichment

Experience the rich cultural tapestry of Colombia firsthand, from traditional customs and cuisine to exploring historical sites and engaging with local communities.

Diverse Landscape Exploration

Explore the diverse landscapes of the Coffee Cultural Landscape, from lush coffee plantations in Calarcá to the charming, historic town of Salento, providing a unique and varied experience.

Personal Growth and Global Perspective

Step out of your comfort zone and broaden your global perspective. This trip offers personal growth, fostering adaptability and cross-cultural understanding.

Where will we stay?

For this trip, we'll be staying in two locations. First, for the initial four nights, we'll be in a traditional countryside house in Calarcá. Nestled amidst coffee and banana plantations, the house offers a panoramic view of the Central Andes mountain range and is just 8 minutes from the town. We'll have the entire house to ourselves, complete with a pool, and enjoy a slightly warmer climate.

For the remaining three nights, our accommodations will shift to a hotel in the town of Salento. Here, we'll experience living in the oldest town in the region, getting a closer feel for the local ambiance.

What will we do during this week?

All of the following activities are included in the program:


Group Meeting.

Welcome dinner at the house.

We all gather in the town center to give you a brief tour and make any last-minute purchases before heading to the house. We'll then travel together to the house, where we'll have a small welcome party.


Spanish classes.

Shopping at the local market.

We will head to the town for lunch and engage in an activity at the local market. Your mission will be to complete the market list with the help of the locals.


Spanish classes.

Traditional cooking class.

This day is very special because, after our Spanish class and lunch break, we will use the items we bought at the local market for our traditional cooking class.


Spanish classes.

Botanical Garden tour.

We'll spend the day at the Botanical Garden, where a local guide will welcome us to teach us about Colombian biodiversity. It's a space where you can observe birds, butterflies, agoutis, and other animals.


Spanish classes.

Transfer to Salento.

Walking tour in Salento.

Today, we're heading to Salento in the afternoon, a beautiful traditional town in the region. We'll check in at the hotel and take a short walking tour to acquaint ourselves with the area.


Spanish classes.

Coffee farm tour

and tasting.

This is one of our favorite days. We'll visit a coffee farm where we'll learn how the best coffee in the world is made, along with the entire production process.


Cocora Valley. 

Cacao experience.

Farewell dinner.

We'll meet Colombia's national tree, and if we're lucky, catch a glimpse of the Andean condor. We'll enjoy a traditional local lunch and, in the afternoon, immerse ourselves in a cocoa experience. The day will conclude with our graduation dinner.




All good things come to an end. After an incredible week of learning and connecting, we bid farewell.

The Spanish classes are specifically designed for this experience, blending vocabulary and grammar topics with a Spanish teacher, along with guided conversational practice with community members every day. This approach ensures a comprehensive and authentic learning and practice experience, fostering a deep understanding of Colombian culture and diversity. The conversational practice with local community members adds a unique and enriching dimension, making this trip a mutually beneficial experience for both foreign students and the local community.

What is included?

  • 20 Hours of Group Spanish Classes: Interactive lessons to enhance language skills.
  • Cultural Activities: Varied experiences for deep immersion in local life.
  • Cooking Classes: Lively lessons exploring Colombian cuisine.
  • Interaction with the Local Community: Opportunities for meaningful connections.
  • Materials and Welcome Pack: Resources for orientation and learning.
  • 24/7 Assistance: Continuous support for queries or emergencies.
  • Transportation: Included in program activities.
  • Valle del Cocora Trip: Exploration of this natural destination.
  • Accommodation: 7 nights shared accommodation for 2 or 3 people in one room for a comfortable stay.  If you prefer a single room, we can arrange it with an additional fee of $500.
  • Meals: 7 breakfasts, 1 welcome dinner on Sunday,  1 lunch on Wednesday, 1 lunch on Saturday, 1 dinner on Saturday, and 6 snacks during the program. Vegetarian options available.
  • Emergency Medical Insurance: Ensuring participants' safety and well-being.

This trip is for you if

  • You enjoy traveling, being in nature, and learning about local culture in an authentic way.
  • You appreciate group experiences and enjoy learning with the community.
  • You are easygoing and savor the simple pleasures of life.
  • You have an intermediate level of Spanish (A2+).
  • You are 18 or older or a minor traveling with parents in the group.
  • Given that the experience includes activities such as hikes and traditional means of transportation, it's important that you can move freely.

About Smart Spanish

We provide Spanish language and Colombian cultural learning experiences, inspiring intercultural understanding and a love for the language.

  • Glocal Network: We create a dynamic and inclusive environment that respects local cultures, fosters global connections, and provides an enriching language learning experience for our students. 
  • Expert Team: Our team at Smart Spanish comprises professionals skilled in both tourism and teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Our founder, a professional tourism manager, specializes in designing enriching experiences ensuring educational and culturally immersive programs.
  • Professionalism and Quality: We are committed to delivering high-quality services, from dynamic classes to exciting activities, ensuring every experience is educational and rewarding. Our company is legally registered as a tour operator. 

Colombia, an Unparalleled Gem:

  • Cultural Diversity: From vibrant cities to indigenous communities, Colombia offers an authentic and diverse experience for visitors.
  • Stunning Natural Landscapes: Pristine beaches, tropical jungles, and majestic mountains create a unique backdrop for our activities.
  • Warm Hospitality: Colombians are renowned for their kindness, providing a welcoming atmosphere that our students deeply appreciate.

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The price for this experience is $1800 USD. To secure your reservation, a deposit of $500 is required, and the full payment must be completed by February 6th.



Terms and Conditions: The $500 deposit is non-refundable. If you have paid the full trip amount and are unable to travel, notify us before February 6th for a $900 refund. If you notify us after this date, we can only offer online services valued at $900, and no refund will be issued.

If you're uncertain about your ability to travel or if this trip is the right fit for you, join the waiting list. We'll reach out to discuss any concerns and answer all your questions.

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